How to Be a Stylish Girl

Being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean following all the latest fashion trends. [1] In fact, most stylish people do the opposite: they wear classic, timeless pieces and do things to spice them up — for instance, adding accessories or rolling up the sleeves of a tailored shirt. Being stylish isn’t so much about what you wear as how you wear it. Confidence is key!


Exploring Fashion

Discover your fashion icons. A great way to develop your own personal style is to explore the style of others. This will help you figure out your tastes — what you love, what you dislike, and what you’d like to try.

  • Fashion bloggers, celebrities, and designers are great people to look to when exploring fashion. Follow them on Instagram and Pinterest to keep track of their looks and interests.


Building a Stylish Wardrobe

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Choose a few classic staples to build your wardrobe around. Style experts build their closets around a few key pieces — all in neutral colors — that can be combined to make the majority of their outfits. Nearly all of them list the same basic pieces:

  • Slim-legged black slacks
  • Dark blue skinny jeans
  • Pencil skirt in a neutral color (black is the most popular)
  • Little black dress in whatever shape best fits your body type
  • A white, long-sleeved button-down dress shirt
  • A soft crew-neck sweater (cashmere is popular but expensive) in a neutral color
  • V-neck t-shirts in neutral colours like white, grey or black
  • Basic black pumps
  • Ankle boots in black or brown
  • Nude or black ballet flats
  • A black blazer
  • A beige or black trench coat
  • A black or neutral colored motorcycle jacket
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Have a signature silhouette. Narrow your style down to a set of silhouettes that suit your body. This will help focus your choices and make it easier to buy new clothes and put together outfits.

  • Once you know what you look best in, stick to that silhouette and buy variations on it.
  • Your silhouette might be tight pants with chunky boots and loose-fitting tops, or high-waisted skirts and dainty heels.
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Consider your daily routine. When buying clothes, shoes, and accessories keep in mind how you spend your days. This will ensure that you actually wear what you buy.

  • A teacher will need a completely different wardrobe (i.e. maybe slacks, pencil skirts, sweaters and flats) than a hostess at a fancy restaurant (i.e. perhaps cocktail dresses and heels), for instance.
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Clean out your wardrobe. Remove everything that doesn’t match your current style tastes. If something doesn’t fit you properly, donate it or have it tailored. Make sure that you feel great in everything that’s in your closet.

  • Be brutal as you choose what to keep and what to get rid of. Anything that you don’t feel great in is just taking up space and making it more difficult for you to put together stylish outfits.
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Spice up your outfits with accessories. Belts, handbags, and statement necklaces are a great way to spice up your classic clothing pieces.

  • Take a little black dress from day to night by switching your flats for heels, and adding a big statement necklace.
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Don’t forget about hats, belts, and bags. Earrings and necklaces aren’t the only things you can use to boost your style

Cinch in your waist and add a retro look to a plain little black dress by combining it with a vintage brown belt and handbag.Wide-brimmed hats have enjoyed popularity for a while now. They’re a great way to dress up most outfits, and are often seen paired with maxi dresses or skinny jeans and blazers. Just be careful not to wear the hat on a windy day!

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Invest in a pair of sunglasses. Another must-have accessory for the stylishly minded is sunglasses. Generally big aviators and cat’s eye sunglasses have been popular over the past few years, but you need to choose what looks best on your face.Stand at a sunglasses rack and try on all the different styles. Who knows? Maybe you look best in a pair of small circular sunnies like John Lennon wore.

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